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In the last few days a few hints of normality have returned to our lives.

My ‘other business’ is Public Relations – I do the social media, pr and other bits for Durham Markets Company, and all the markets have been well and truly closed since mid March.

Until Saturday.

On Saturday, so many people defied the early downpours to come into the city centre as the Outdoor Market returned for the first time, all social distancing and hand sanitising.  All smiles and positivity.  All enthusiasm to get back to normal … or at least near to there.  Such was the success the Farmers’ Market returns this Thursday!

The other bit of normality was that the 11 year old was back at school today.  All 2 metres apart, staggered arrivals, staggered collections.  But it was a step in the direction we want to be going.

I stopped to chat with two parents I’ve chatted to in the school yard for best part of 7 years.  We stood 2 metres apart and caught up, after 3 months of no school run.  It was good.

How come no-one else has gone anywhere near as grey as me?