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Motherhood kind of put paid to much of my evening activity a few years back.  Like so many others, I’m good at ferrying now.

But at the beginning of 2017 a new community choir started up locally, and I decided that instead of me waiting while the 8 year old does his activities, for once he could wait while I do mine (thank God for ipads).

Why do I mention this?  Well I’d done some singing training in my teens, and again in my 30s, but what this has given me is excellent techniques for warming up my voice.  I wouldn’t want you to hear the warm up, but am quite happy for you to hear the speaking after the warm up.  And you can hear the choir performing for the first time on Sunday 8th July.

Another thing, the singing warm up certainly is kinder to my vocal chords than the alternative which is shouting at the dog when he’s disappeared on his daily bunny chase …