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So it turns out, normally I have barely any spare time. I normally am getting done what I need to do, but not getting the stuff I’d like to do accomplished too.

Like creating new demos. Or finding videos of work I’ve voiced in the past and updating my YouTube Channel. updating social media. Or blogging.

I know I should blog more … so here goes.

It’s short and sweet.

It’s just to tell you that yesterday and today I created a new demo of phone system work. I created one yesterday, and decided to edit it again today to add/ take away etc etc.

You can find it in this playlist here – https://soundcloud.com/emmahignett/sets/emma-hignett-voiceover

And you can find my YouTube channel here – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLeIL9jQVZTz9M1Ro01hUnQ