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‘Thrilled’ … that’s me this week.  Various reasons, but at the top I’m as happy as happy can be to join the roster at Shining Management, a wonderful London-based voiceover agency.  Yee ha!

What else?  Well, my new demo, produced with Nancy Wolfson of Braintracks Audio at the end of last year, has well and truly paid dividend … and landed me a rather exciting radio commercial.  Want to hear the demo?  Click on this…

And I’ll have to get a copy of the ad as soon as I can. To share …

It’s also ‘Baking Week’! My son is 9 next week which means I must bake late into the night creating a celebratory masterpiece … 2 years ago the request was for a football cake, last year it was the Millennium Falcon, this year requires a little less planning (and far less grey icing) as I’m simply required to deliver a chocolate cake!

All in all, a pretty good week!

For the fun of it, here’s a pic of last year’s cake … never doing that one again!