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I had an interesting request recently … a voiceover to run over a track at 103 beats per minute.

I had this information before I had the script, so was expecting it to read like a poem or song.  It didn’t.  It was a regular script, to run over a 103 bpm track.

Two months ago I would not have had the foggiest idea where to start with that one.  However, thankfully, my son had just done his first rock guitar exam, and prior to the exam we’d spent several weeks practising to a metronome (thankfully smartphones can supply such things).

So – off I went into the studio with my phone headphones supplying the metronome beat and my studio headphones supplying my voice audio back to me.

The client was thrilled … first take!

I felt quite chuffed with that one …

(and if you’re interested, my  8 year old got was one mark short of a distinction in his debut rock guitar exam)