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I’m a voiceover, I work from my own home studio 5 days a week! Every day it’s just me and the dog …

So surely I ‘self-isolate’ already. This should be a breeze for me. Shouldn’t it? Very little has changed. I still speak to people down the line from the studio. I still work away on my own during the day at home, away from everyone as my home office is 2 floors above ‘husband’s make-shift office’ and ‘home school’.

But I confess the novelty has now well and truly died!

I just want to sit and chat with a friend without a video screen and delay. I want to clink glasses, drink from the same bottle of wine. I would love to be back in the school playground to pick up at the end of the day. I would love to be driving to and fro between home and the swimming pool daily to work away at the laptop while my little one enjoys his swimming training.

That said, can I be a bit selfish and have the best of both worlds after this? Can I have mealtimes with my husband and son? Can I walk the dog daily with my family? Can my husband and I cook together daily (in harmony … until now we’d been useless at cooking together)? Can I get plenty of time to experiment making breads (and not worry about eating them as lockdown weight increase is par for the course)?

And can I have a bit of time to play with my camera too … I’m trying to get a great back window picture for Facebook’s View from my Window group …

View from my window!