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I have a sideline, OK I admit it.  I do public relations for three small North East England clients … one of which is Durham Christmas Festival.  Working on the public relations for a Christmas Festival is rather quiet for most of the year … and then it’s crazy!

That’ll be this weekend.

I’m about to spend 3 days running round Durham city centre, camera and large bags over my shoulder, trying to get decent photos in the half light (not my strong point).  If you’ve ever visited Durham (if not, then do, it’s beautiful) then you’ll know that there are hills and cobbles!  Add to that snow and ice and I’ll be lucky to get through the three days with all limbs intact and my bum free of bruises!

But I love it – I always find time to spend (well there are 300 market stalls in the city for three days, who wouldn’t) and this year I’m doing something I’ve never done before at the Festival.  I’m singing – busking with my choir.

It only remains for me to add, if you like shopping and you’re near enough to get here, then I’d recommend Durham Christmas Festival … use the park and ride, shop, enjoy, and get in a festive mood.  If you’re not near enough to visit, and you want to speak to me about anything voiceover related … do you think you could wait until Monday?

Thanks 🙂