I’ve probably said it many times, but I love the work I do for Transport for London, and have loved working with them since 2006.

This Sunday though is something new.

Transport for London is celebrating its Year of the Bus with a Bus Cavalcade in Regent Street in London.  And I’m on bus 48, the one nearest Oxford Circus, meeting people and recording personal announcements onto their phones if they wish.  I’m really quite excited – though a little nervous.  Nervous not least as I’ve just realised that virtually my whole immediate family is rather close to London this weekend and my dad, once he realises what I’m involved in, will no doubt come along too.  Also my five year old might well want to ride a bus and tell the world ‘Mummy that’s your voice isn’t it’ at every opportunity…

But what I’m most looking forward to is getting to know more about the system I’m a tiny part of.  Not just the history of it, but also the technology used to keep it functioning every single day and night across London.

Ever since I first moved to London (probably about 1989) I’ve sung the praises of London’s public transport system.  Am so pleased to be part of the Year of the Bus celebrations this coming weekend.

I’ll be tweeting @emmahignett