These voice over FAQS will hopefully answer your questions and queries.  However, if you do need any more information, please email emmahignett@btinternet.com or use this contact page.

1 Voice over. A voice over, or voiceover, is heard in many places.  However, the most commonly heard ones are tv and radio advertising.  Voice overs are also used for interactive telephone systems, for online promotional films and campaigns, and online training systems.  Voiceovers are heard on public transport, on your iPhone (Siri), in toys, in computer games, and much more.

2 Cookies.  This website uses cookies to track site usage and visitor statistics. If you do allow cookies to be used, this site or a third party such as Google may place a cookie on the device you use to view this website. This does not allow us to identify you individually.

3 Studio. I operate out of my own, broadcast quality studio with recording facilities and and ISDN line to link to studios around the world.  I generally record any voice over as a stereo wav file, but can convert audio or record in different formats if required.

Voice over studio voice over faqs

My voice over studio

4 Fees.  Fees are agreed prior to the job, and are charged based on amount of time in studio and post production, use of the audio, duration of the use of the audio and other relevant factors.  Please contact me to discuss fees for any project.

5 Limited company.  I operate my voice over business (and her PR business) through a limited VAT registered company registered in England and Wales.

6 Booking. To book me for a voice over, either contact me by email or by telephone.  Most work is turned around quickly, mostly within 24 hours depending on the length of the recording.  Bookings can be put in the diary well in advance to secure priority on my studio/ editing time, to ensure a job is delivered to meet your deadlines.  If you require a tight turnaround, I have a very good reputation for working with clients to deliver in line with their schedule.

7 Links. I link to many other websites from this website.  I am not however responsible for the content of other websites, nor am I able to ensure the links will always work.

8 Social media. From this site I provide links to my profiles on a number of social networking sites.  They are Linkedin, Facebook, SoundCloud, TwitterYouTube, Google+ and Pinterest.

9 London Buses. I am the ‘Voice of London’s Buses’ as well as London’s Overground trains and Riverbus.  For more information about this project, click here.

Voice Over FAQs – any questions?

If I haven’t answered your query, please do get in touch.  I’ll answer your question happily, and quite possibly add another line to my Voice Over FAQS page.  Get in touch via email, emmahignett@btinternet.com, or by using my contact page.