I’m Emma Hignett – a female voice over artist, based in North East England.  Would you like to know more about me?  How I work, what influences me and what I’m passionate about?  Well this is where I share some of my musings, ideas, experiences and generally anything that excites me.

Please enjoy my blog posts, and if there’s anything you would like to know more about; me, my career or any aspect of my work, drop me a line and ask the question.  I’ll do my best to respond.

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female voice over studio

Studio shots from female voice over Emma Hignett’s studio

What does a female voice over blog?

Well, it depends on what mood I’m in – and how much time I have…

If you’re interested in voice over techniques, equipment, experiences, and joys then I’ll share some of my week to week discoveries with you.  Occasionally I get a passionate about the power of the media, and at other times I get excited about day to day life.

If I’m about to be interviewed, whether that’s on television, radio, in a newspaper or magazine, I’ll give you a bit of a heads up.  Well, I will if I know in advance when it’s going to appear.